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Así es el Amor (JEEK Touch)

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The Agua Marina song, really?😳
Yeap! Let’s be honest, we knew this moment would come eventually. Sure, not as a mashup, maybe as a remix, but hey, it’s a start.


A few months ago I downloaded a “remix” (Bootleg! Cof cof), for the Agua Marina track, “Así es el Amor”. I usually come across different versions of Latin songs and songs from other languages, and well, I like to download them to my digital library just in case. OK, not a big deal, but I do like to compile different styles of music. Anyway … A few days ago I had a presentation in the city of Barranca (Norte Chico, Peru) and something I really like to do is prepare something special, be it a new track, remix, JEEK Touch among other things. On this occasion, I knew that the Agua Marina group is one of the most listened to in that city and I thought about doing a bootleg, but I was too lazy to do it. Luckily I was rearranging my library and found the Olix bootleg that I downloaded months ago. The Drop of his version didn’t quite convince me and I started looking for another one, that’s how I found the track by the duo Gemellini. 😎😁

After a few hours in Ableton I ended up exporting the version that you listen to and enjoy today.

Listen this awesome JEEK Touch here:


The tracks included in this edit was:

  1. Agua Marina – Así es el Amor (Olix Bootleg).
  2. Gemellini – Is That Alright?.

🎨 Tatiana Gonzales

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